Marie Elizabeth Mali

Relationship Ready – Attract the love you want

Are you ready to do what it takes to stop attracting the wrong people, so you can have the love you want in your life?

To attract a relationship that aligns with who you want to be — instead of aligning with your wounds — you’ve got to put your regrets behind you and stabilize and strengthen your nervous system, so your true self can shine through and attract someone who loves the real you. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to spend the next six weeks putting the past to rest, designing your ideal relationship, and embodying the empowered version of you who can have it, so you can date with confidence and self-trust, knowing you’re 100% ready to attract and sustain healthy and lasting love with the right partner(s).

relationship ready

What if you knew how to confidently attract the love you want?

What if in just 6 weeks, you could discover the exact areas to focus on that would transform your relationships forever… so you can have exactly what you desire?

No more wishing for the right person to magically show up, feeling lonely ,or settling for a meh relationship.

Even though your relationships haven’t worked out before, you aren’t broken and doomed to settle for whoever’s “good enough.”

Imagine easily being able to tell when someone’s a good match for you because you’ve freed yourself from getting hooked by the wrong people.

You CAN have what you want in your love life by shifting your focus and how you show up.

Introducing Relationship Ready –
a transformational self-study program to release old patterns that block love and prepare to attract your ideal relationship…

Attract the Love You Want

What Our Journey Together Looks Like

Get What You Want

Module 1: Start Where You Are

To create effective change, first you have to see and accept where you are, so you don’t keep repeating the same patterns. This week you’ll map out your past relationship landscape, identifying the patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs that tanked your past relationships.

Mining Gold

Module 2: Put the Past to Rest

Release the disappointments, fears, patterns, and beliefs that were revealed by mapping out your past relationship landscape, so you can stop cycling around in old hurts and get ready to yourself to new love.

Your Pleasure Plan

Module 3: Your Future Self

The woman who can have the supportive and loving relationship you want already lives inside of you. This week you’ll meet her and invite her to start guiding your choices from now on, so you start to train your brain to attract what you want and repel what you don’t want.

Hidden Desires

Module 4: Your New Best Friend

Learn my simple way to turn negative self-talk into self-compassion and even self-love. When you’re your own best friend (instead of your worst critic), you align with how you truly deserve to be treated. By learning to treat yourself well, you teach others how to love you well, too.

Fight Better

Module 5: Ask, Ask, Ask

Ask for what you want with grace and skill and set boundaries that get heard and respected. Learn the exact steps to powerfully and generously asking for what you want, so you can have more of what you want in a way that works for everyone.

The Glue

Module 6: Unleash Your Magnetism

Learn to flirt like a boss and light up any room with your radiance, so you can be confident that you’re attracting perfect-fit people into your life and magnetizing a partner who loves and respects the real you.

Relationship Ready
is for you if . . .

  • You’re ready to dismantle beliefs and actions that sabotage your success in love and create new beliefs and actions aligned with who you truly are and how you want to show up in all your relationships
  • You have a growth mindset and are willing to be introspective and coachable.
  • You desire an epic relationship, work, and life in which your skills and passion can thrive.

Relationship Ready
is NOT for you if . . .

  • You think others are the problem and you’re perfect. 😉
  • You’re unwilling to look inside and acknowledge that you’re both amazing and have habitual patterns to work through to be even MORE amazing.
  • You don’t believe that investing in yourself will help you get what you want.

Client Stories

David Ayllon

I’ve developed more self-awareness and have increased my sense of permission for myself.

“The level of trust we quickly established, the humor she brings to the work, and the tender attention to the nuances of being human all combine to make it possible for me to recommend Marie-Elizabeth’s coaching without reservation.”

Janet Elsbach

Jessica Simkovic

I don’t feel stuck anymore.

“Working with Marie-Elizabeth helped me prioritize what’s important and kept me from getting too overwhelmed in the moment. I learned not to create narratives about what’s happening that don’t exist, a gem I’ve passed along to my kids over and over again.”

January Gill O’Neil

Victoria Theodore

I’ve learned ways to alchemize everything!

“I now also have a rich toolbox and resources to navigate and thrive in relationships and to nurture the connection and allow it to fully blossom. I have a strong sense of self, and am clear about how I move in the world, in relationships, and in the things I want in my life.”

Almira Bardai