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PassionBody Hub

Craving more passion and joy in love and life?

If you’re a high-powered woman who’s at a crossroads in midlife, Marie-Elizabeth’s PassionBody Hub membership is your gateway to getting really REAL with yourself as you move into this new phase of your life.

As Brené Brown has said about midlife, “It’s not a crisis. It’s a slow, brutal unraveling.”

This unraveling isn’t something to be feared, it’s something to be seized and acted on, because there’s no more time to waste fucking around or indulging in handwringing about becoming invisible now that your face and body are changing in ways that no amount of Spanx will hide.

Through participating in the Hub, you’ll unravel and release what’s DONE, get clear on what’s true for you NOW, and align with nature to magnetize the fuck out of your desires because you’re so lit up from WITHIN.

Relationship Ready

Relationship Ready (self-study) 

Are you ready to do what it takes to stop attracting the wrong people, so you can have the love you want in your life?

What if in just 6 weeks, you could discover the exact areas to focus on that would transform your relationships forever… so you can have exactly what you desire?

No more wishing for the right person to magically show up, feeling lonely, or settling for a meh relationship.

Even though your relationships haven’t worked out before, you aren’t broken and doomed to settle for whoever’s “good enough.”

Imagine easily being able to tell when someone’s a good match
for you because you’ve freed yourself from getting hooked by
the wrong people.

You CAN have what you want in your love life by shifting your focus and how you show up.

* Relationship Ready is for women, trans women, and non-binary folx comfortable in spaces that focus on the feminine.

Love Catalyst (self-study) 

Are you a powerful woman* who’s successful in your career but struggling in your relationship?

Imagine that just 6 weeks from now you have the tools you need to know exactly what to do in any situation to connect deeply with yourself and your partner without sacrificing your work.

Imagine having a treasure trove of practices you can pull out to:

  • Start a conversation over a mid-day meal
  • Unwind and transition from work at the end of the day
  • Reconnect with your feminine after being super productive at work
  • Clear the air after a fight
  • Build desire for a night of lovemaking
  • Remember you’re on the same team
  • And a whole lot more.

* Love Catalyst is for women, trans women, and non-binary folx comfortable in spaces that focus on the feminine.

Love Catalyst
Relationship Alchemy

Relationship A to Z (self-study)

Whether you’re single or partnered, get started on creating the loving and connected relationships you’ve always wanted.

In this 30-day self-guided video program, you’ll learn one simple practice or mindset shift a day over the next 30 days to quickly create more love and connection in your relationships.

Each day highlights different aspects of relationship—one bite-sized letter at a time— and invites you to self-reflect with prompts in your digital journal, so that over the next 30 days you’ll have fun learning quick mindset shifts and actionable tools to create more loving and pleasurable relationships.

“I loved having a simple way to focus on growing my relationship every day. I’m only interested in working with experts who have done their own work and have results in the area that I want results in. I’m so glad she created a way to learn from her over 30-days to build a new habit and I can listen in anytime, from anywhere!” — M.C.J.

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The life you desire is possible! Click below to take the Your Grown-Ass Power Quiz and discover what missing pieces are stopping you from being radiantly lit from within and guided by your PassionBody!

Client Stories

Antoinette Brim

I was not used to investing in myself. But it was very well-timed and I will reap the benefits of this investment for the rest of my life.

“I have gotten more comfortable silencing my inner critic. I am now not afraid of boundary-setting and have gotten quite good at it.”

Antoinette Brim

Monica Watters

I came to Marie Elizabeth’s Program feeling overwhelmed with work, clients and family commitments.

“I was feeling stuck in my intimate relationship. My inner critics were running the show. My only hesitation before signing up was that I would not have the time to be on the weekly calls.”

Monica Watters

Selena Wong

Through our work together, I’ve developed more self-awareness and have increased my sense of permission for myself to feel and do what’s true for me.

“I’ve worked to rewire habitual pathways and establish new patterns of thinking and doing that serve me, and those I serve, better.”

Selena Wong