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You’re a Smart, Strong, Successful Woman Wondering Why Your Relationship Isn’t Working As Well As the Rest of Your Life

You’ve heard the expression, “You can have it all.” And deep down you believe it…

But in your experience, success in work has come with setbacks in relationship.

The truth is, you just don’t know how to “do relationship” as well as you “do work” — yet.

The good news is that relationship is a skill that can be learned just like any other.


You Don’t Have to Make the Mistake I Did…

I had to lose “the perfect relationship” before I could learn what it really meant to be in a successful and fulfilling relationship.

I was married to “The Perfect Guy”: handsome, rich, creative, fun, reliable…

But I was dying inside.

It wasn’t his fault — it was that I didn’t know how
to invite him to meet me at the depth I needed.
He couldn’t win.

My health got worse. I could barely get out of
bed each day.

I wanted so badly to stay married, but I was
beyond unhappy.

I Believed I Was Broken and Incapable of Being Happy in a Long-Term Committed Relationship

My work was the ONLY place I got to have flow, so I buried myself in work and sabotaged my “perfect marriage.”

After my divorce, I went on my own Eat, Pray, Love journey to Indonesia to scuba dive and grow my underwater photography skills — and that’s when life surged back into my being.

Leaving my marriage was my escape path to freedom, not from my former husband, but from a self-identity that never fit. I had been playing a role in my life and in my marriage that could never lead me to true fulfillment.

It took losing my marriage and being single for 3 years, before I could develop better boundaries and discover what I really wanted.

But you don’t have to be alone to discover your
deepest desires.

When you learn Relationship Alchemy you can discover who you really are and create what you really want… in partnership, in a way you wouldn’t reach on your own.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

I’m Marie-Elizabeth and I guide soulful, professional women through personal and relationship transformation, so they can enjoy more love, connection, and impact!

After my divorce, I dove into a 2-year deep study of relationships and sexuality. I wanted to understand what makes me tick within a relationship and how to communicate my deepest desires in a way that — rather than chasing my partner away — draws him closer and deepens our intimacy (and yes our chemistry, too) in the process.

My Relationship Alchemy system was born from that work, allowing me to find the love of my life and co-create a new kind of relationship — designed to hold all of us: our depth, our genius, our sexiness, our playfulness, and all of our messiness.

Now I’m on a mission to serve women leaders in having more love and pleasure in their lives, so they can feel fully loved and supported in becoming both successful and fulfilled.

Unlike other personal growth guides and relationship coaches who play a volume game, I believe mentoring is its own form of Relationship Alchemy. That’s why I only take on up to five private clients a year plus dozens more in my intimate small group programs. I’ve had the honor of closely supporting over one hundred women through deep personal and relationship transformation.

What sets my coaching apart?

  • I work at the intersection of your relationship with yourself, others, and your work, so you can learn to love full out with healthy boundaries and aligned action.
  • I have a magical combination of exquisite listening, a judgment-free yet honest perspective, and an uncanny intuition.
  • I guide you to see your patterns of relating—to yourself and others—in a refreshing way, so you can make new choices with greater awareness.
  • I focus on the parallel paths of INNER WORK
    and OUTER WORK:


    • Inner work is about clarifying your values, learning which thoughts to accept and which to ignore, and falling in love with even the messiest parts of you, so you can activate (what I call) your PassionBody to guide you through the ups and downs of life.
    • Outer work is about taking positive action steps, such as making clear requests, setting healthy boundaries, listening well, and consistent self-care that set you up for success in every area of your life.

My Method

To understand my method, it helps to understand the difference between Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western Medicine focuses mostly on treating symptoms, whereas Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on treating the underlying terrain of the body in which the symptoms are arising, on top of directly treating symptoms.
When a body is given what it needs, like food, water, movement, and rest, it can resolve symptoms on its own unless they’re extreme, like broken bones or a 
life-threatening condition.

Likewise, when you start making choices that nourish the terrain of your relationship, many painful symptoms, like chronic frustrations and fights, will resolve on their own, unless they’re extreme and require more direct attention.

Choices like:

  • Communicating your wants, needs, and boundaries with ease and kindness.
  • Stabilizing nervous system reactivity and clearing resentment.
  • Addressing childhood wounding and limiting beliefs.
  • Cultivating appreciation and making time to connect beyond logistics.

Focusing only on relationship symptoms without addressing the terrain keeps you locked in repeating the symptoms because the underlying issues that cause them never get resolved.

My method integrates the 5 Elements of Relationship Alchemy, which, when brought into harmony with one another, create a thriving terrain for your relationship.

The Polaris Effect:

Activate the hidden fuel source in your relationship that allows you to imagine and build your long-term future together.

Real Talk:

Learn to navigate conflict, set boundaries, and increase emotional intimacy not only with what you say, but how you say it.

Clear Mind:

Tune in and recalibrate your self-talk and your beliefs, so they stop working against what you want in your relationship and start building the connection and intimacy you desire.

Mastering the Dance:

Many successful women feel tension between their relationship and their work, which often leads to feeling like they have to make a choice between one and the other. Learn to weave your relationship and work into a supportive whole with a balance of giving and receiving, so you can move through your workdays with ease, knowing your partner has your back.

Living from Desire:

Reawaken your Desire Center and learn how to discern and prioritize what gives you pleasure and joy, so you can keep your cup full as you give generously to others.

My Work Isn’t For You If:

  • You’re unwilling to own your stuff in your relationship — forgetting that it often takes two to ruin love.
  • You want someone else to fix you or your partner — I’m your coach, not your fairy godmother.
  • You believe that affirmations and positive thinking are all you need. Sometimes you have to take a cold, hard look at ways you’re out of integrity with yourself. But I believe in infusing that look with love (instead of wallowing in shame), because getting real about what’s not working and mobilizing your power to change it is a profound act of self-love.
  • You’re not willing to celebrate all the ways you’re lovable right here, right now, just the way you are.
  • You’re not ready or willing to invest in your growth and freedom and you don’t believe that you, or others, can truly change.

My Work Is For You If:

  • You’re rocking your work, but your relationship is slipping through your fingers.
  • You don’t love how you talk to yourself and you want to upgrade that self-talk.
  • As great as you are, you know you’re not showing up at your best in every area of your life.
  • You’re willing to look at yourself with honest eyes and make new, maybe even tough choices to craft the loving partnership you deserve.
  • You understand that relationship is a powerful mirror that reveals areas where you can grow as well as having the capacity to be a solid foundation of love on which to build that growth.
  • You want a deeper flow with life’s magic, so you can live in synchronicity and love.

I’d love
to show you how…

Step 1:

Take the Your Grown-Ass Power Quiz

This quiz will help you discover your PassionBody Archetype and what to focus on next to create the jaw-dropping life you desire.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a two-time TEDx speaker and Oxford Talks Orator. Click here, here and here to watch my talks.
  • I grew up in three cultures: American, Venezuelan, and Swedish, speaking three languages since the age of three, and feeling like an outsider in all of them.
  • I have a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and another in poetry.
  • I still remember a poem in Mandarin that I memorized in college.
  • I’m a really good dancer.
  • I own a hyperbaric chamber.
  • I love to dive with sharks.
  • To learn more about my poetry and underwater photography, Click here.

Client Stories

David Ayllon

It’s really been life-changing.

“I’m more aware of my natural reactions, which helps me deal with them way better than before. I’m in a much better place mentally and emotionally. I always looked forward to our sessions and am so thankful for our work together.”

David Ayllon

Rae Leiner

Since engaging in this program I’ve engaged in open conversations with my partner.

“Navigating the exploration of what either an open relationship or being polyamorous could look like for us.”

Rae Leiner

Penni Echols

I loved my coaching!

“Beforehand, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fully participate and complete the program, but by working in this circle of women I’ve noticed that I’m not alone and don’t need to beat myself up so much.”

Penni Echols