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Hi I’m
Marie-Elizabeth Mali

It’s my mission to support people in living with integrity and compassion as they play full out in their relationship and life— prioritizing their growth and pleasure — so we can create a world in which connection isn’t sacrificed in the name of success and we create equity and opportunity for all.

It’s Totally Possible To Be Passionate About What You Do AND Have a Great Relationship

If you’re a high-achieving woman, you know the importance of performing at your best. You simply can’t make the impact you want to make without focusing on your growth.

Did you know that’s also true about relationships?

Most relationship coaches will teach you how to fix problems, build trust, and smooth over differences.

All of that’s important but it doesn’t touch the deeper thing: knowing how to cultivate a relationship that nourishes and lights you up so bright that you change the world with your radiance.

Why Do Relationships Become Such a Struggle?

Growing up, we’re not taught how to have what I call an “alchemical relationship”.

An alchemical relationship is one that turns the heavy challenges of love, that can feel like lead, into gold.

And what’s the gold? The ability to work with whatever’s coming up in a way that deepens your intimacy.

One of the challenges is that we’re not taught how to shift effortlessly out of work mode and into luscious woman mode whenever we want. So we try to “solve” problems of the heart with our heads.

Because we were raised by imperfect people in a culture that values production over connection.

Many of us learned that we have to achieve to earn love.

I sure did!

So we drive ourselves to achieve more and more and more… then wonder why our love lives feel so unfulfilling.

marie-elizabeth mali
relationship alchemy

Without training in exactly how to invite a loving and expanded connection with a partner — through both the ups and the downs — it’s no wonder WHY our relationships start off great and get so blah over time.

Where you’re left wondering why the sex isn’t so hot anymore.

Where you’re working your ass off for the sake of your family and at the end of the day you walk into a messy living room and feel so frustrated and alone.

As you start straightening up, you wonder, How did I end up carrying too much of the load? AGAIN?

If something needs to get done right, you’re usually the one to do it.

This trait serves you well in work (to a point), but it won’t lead you to the relationship you want.

The relationship you’ve been dreaming about…

The relationship you’ve been secretly fantasizing about as you pick up those dirty socks. Again.

Relationship Alchemy is About Turning the Lead In Yourself, Your Partner & Your Relationship Into Gold…

Into growth… Into intimacy… And, yes, into hot sex…

It’s about knowing how to move your relationship past the Honeymoon Phase, which is just that—a PHASE—and into true intimacy and deep, long-term love.

Or how to attract a partner worthy of you.

Imagine how much more you could succeed with a fulfilling relationship in your corner?

One that lights you up and blows your mind with how supported and loved you feel every day…

Where you can be your full self without fear of blasting your partner out of the water…

And your partner actually celebrates just how powerful you are, which shines your light even brighter.

By alchemizing your past relationship patterns and the relationship fantasies you absorbed from movies and TV, you can create your dream relationship by learning how to be all of your brilliant, flawed, and big-hearted self.

I'd love
to show you how...

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Client Stories

“I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

“Marie-Elizabeth helped me figure out, embrace, and articulate my true desires. Doing that work made me feel SO good, SO confident, SO empowered. Getting support as I worked on mySELF was a true game-changer.”

Li Yun Alvarado

“I found my soulmate!”

“When I was trying to date, I was sabotaging the relationships. My intention was to find my soulmate and by the end of the program I did. We’re together and it’s amazing!”

Jade Ramos

“Be prepared to do your work.”

“My partner and I committed to doing the program together. It’s been helpful to have the container, the prompts and then community space to be able to talk with other people. It really helps to have a mirror.”

Rae Leiner

“The best money I would ever spend.”

“I realized that Relationship Alchemy was helping me improve my relationship when I could pause my internal reaction and choose to respond how I wanted to respond. One of my biggest wins was learning how to ask for exactly what I wanted, and knowing that exactly what I wanted was deserved and okay to be asked for.”

Lisa Wolff

“She’s an attentive listener.”

“I feel more able to tune in to my body, and to my needs in the moment, and to align what I need or what I want to feel with my actions, being better able to make clear decisive choices.”

Hila Ratzabi

“Marie-Elizabeth is the most compassionate!”

“The relationship alchemy that I ended up working on the most was my relationship with myself. No matter how I showed up, Marie-Elizabeth showed up with compassion and the ability to hold space. That made me feel really safe and able to be completely honest.”

Elena Williams